I am grateful to God for this chance that He has accorded me to be alive and share of his faithfulness!!

He has been faithful to me and I do hope that He has been faithful to you as well.as they are. I pray that we walk in obedience of the word that God gives us and we be faithful to deliver it no matter how hurting it is. to them. We need to realize that they will not easily buy in to the message that God gives us to them but the bible encourages us and tells us to not to be afraid;) This is what the generation of today has done and God is looking for a man who will not fear them but will tell them the Truth. The truth is not what the man thinks but the (. People who have been rebels and stiff necked. People who have their own gods and have deserted the true Worship of Yahweh. This is what the Lord said to the Israelite: We are living in the last days and people have become rebellious and they have deserted God. Yet, God is looking for a man whom

When God seeks the righteous in our nation, let us stand to be counted and let’s not be like Sodom and Gomorrah where no one could be found thus the Lord destroyed the city. Let us be alert and not submit to our own weaknesses.