First love never dies.


These first love quotescelebrate the joy of falling in love for the first time. For more information,

Love never ages. But there is a certain freshness about new love that makes it a delight for poets and authors. Here are some quotations that talk about falling in love, and young love.

Falling in Love

Do you have great love chemistry with your partner? When in love, you experience a variety of emotions. At times, love makes your spirit soar with happiness. At other times, falling in love can bring negative emotions such as jealousy. Then there are times when love treats you like a doormat. But that is the beauty of love. You have to live the experience to know what love is.


What is love? A word that has no definition? Poets have glorified love. Many battles have raged for the sake of love. Yet, it remains an enigma. Its beauty remains hidden. If you have found true love, you would know that love is a feeling like no other. It complements life and happiness. Here are some love quotes that can set you off in a rhapsody.



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