It’s a game of give and take

She looked back on her life and realized that everything happened only to make stronger and not kill the ego that she had entirely worked on since she capped the teen life. Pride and self esteem are the basis of any human being but how one relates to the world matters a lot.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, Life has a superb way of letting us know when we are wrong and right, we dance with the ego  fall for a leap because the pride in our selves cannot let us be and change to accommodate the faults that we all have within. Friendship has boundaries that are not defined by strangers, we control the boundary and in the process we loose and hurt the ones we care much about but as long as we trust our instincts, Real friends don’t get offended when u insult them. They smile and call you something  even more offensive but that doesn’t matter as it retains the friendship but on another level.

Friends become strangers and enemies but never memories made are never forgotten even if they both remain silent to each other for their entire life. Make up and break up are choices that we make since no one is an island. the feeling you have about someone you ever cared about will never escape your mind for as long as it remains. we dictate our pride n the strides we make  but one fact remains actions speak louder than the actual words, Body language is what we cannot hide as even strangers can tell if you are friendly or the relationship between two persons at a public area.



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