The Epic

I am not a pessimist that’s why i will not complain a lot about  the wind, neither am i an optimist that i will sit n expect it to change my direction. I believe we are leaders of our life’s and thats why i adjust the sails to my my goals and achievements before my enemies to get to my desires.

In life we have goals and at any one time therefore,

  • If u think you are beaten, then you are
  • If u t think you dare not, then you don’t
  • If U would like to win but u thinku can’t, then it’s almost certain u won’t
    make it halfway the journey to your desires. Depending on what drives and motivates the dreams of your heart be certain that you can achieve what you target .

based on the past and how man interacts communications is the best and remains the main barrier to  most of us. If you are in a night club n u notice a beautiful lady dancing and your coward ego jumps up n tells you that yes she is beautiful but u r not in her league so quit trying n gaze at her all nite by the morning u can rest assured that she will walk out n all that will remain with u is her image. but there inside is the Bold ego that just stirs up n smiles at the coward ego n says i bet in a few more songs  our master will be dancing with the beauty n they place a bet of self pride, n minutes later the music turns up again n the bold Ego takes a step in to the floor n dances you to where the ladies r dancing n the alcohol buddies asks the lady for a dance n sure enough the bold ego gets the one dance you can rest assured that the coward buddy dies in shame slowly n the self made king BOLD EGO is happy with the move just as the king is protected by the Knights in a game of chess. Cowards never try n forever they live a lonely life but it’s the BOLD who  become the players as they flirt with their understanding better, He who loves most gets hurt the most, ask me not the reason as life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger of fast man but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.

I am always proud of my heart as it has been stabbed, cheated, burned and broken but somehow still works and the moulder has his BASE intact, never give up on someone you cannot go a day without thinking about because you are sure the made an impact to your life even if it hurts u can rest assured it was worth a million  strangers to come. Its a friend who cares n understands where you come as strangers will never care about you, Relationships are created, break up and make up are the siblings born of the time it lasts, i know this as a false belief.

After getting cheated in true relationship, i have heard lovers commit suicide, i find life beautiful and i don’t want to die….. because i have a false belief that you still care (“we used to speak for hours during the night on phone, now the nights r those lonely days gone then i too refuse to change my number becoz i have a false belief that u still care n have the cell number in your handset/ Mind n you will one day make the call……?” yap we still have those pals that left n will comeback someday when it matters.

based on what is my past cabinet, i fell objected to my opinion ….?

  1. She is not a Babe/ Bird/ Chick – She is a breasted citizen
  2. She is not Easy – She is horizontally accessible
  3. She is not a Dumb – She is a detour off the information superhighway
  4. She is not an Air head– She is reality impaired
  5. She has not been around – She is a previously enjoyed companion
  6. She is not Horny – She is sexually focused
  7. she does not  get Drunk or Tipsy –  She gets  chemically  in convinced
  8. She does not have Breast Implants – She is medically enhanced
  9. She does not Nag you – She is verbally  repetitive
  10. She is not a SLut – She is sexually extroverted
  11. She does not have Premier League Hooters– She is a Pectoral Supervisor
  12. She is not a two bit Slapper – She is a low-cost service provider

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