The silent dance tune

Using special FM technology we will broadcast the music on a local frequency only partygoers will know – so you MUST bring a device with a radio function and headphones – as this is a ‘SILENT DANCING’ party!!! Numbers are limited, so please sign up n read the information enclosed to be a part of the fun and mischief of the Year of the Monkey!!!

99 monkeys can share an idea – but when the 100th monkey tunes in a critical consciousness is achieved that tips the scales for all. This critical mass for change depends on YOU!

Is a new type of party using micromitter FM radio technology to unite small, wired communities within broadcast range on a common wavelength. Party goers tune in to the FM transmission with a portable radio and headphones – and no sound is heard by those outside the Network. Range varies but noise pollution problems are solved, and the party can camoflague itself silently across any urban cityscape.

A Smart Mob is any group called together through the use of technology – whether that be the mobile, sms, email or any of the rapidly proliferating new media. You may be in a distributed group mobilizing in the flesh, or people that have no connection except the
attraction of gathering for a set duration. FLASH MOBS have the added structure of being timed events, taking over space with Art, seizing the moment and then quickly dispersing.


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