man to man talk with son

as my son turns five and just  graduated to class one, i have noticed he has a close attached to a small girl of same age and he bold introduces her to we ( my wife n I) “mammie, mammie , dad look whom i brought over for lunch!”

we both look at each other in awe but he continued and with a cheeky face that made me run for the hills when he said,

“dad, how do u see my new girlfriend ?,aint we just  cute together”

at that moment i realized why it was now the right time to have a man to man talk with my handsome young son, as too much TV was what he had n i hate surprises  that are accustomed to him. i had a hard rough time explaining why on this earth you cannot:-

1. You Can Not Chase Money And Women At The Same Time – Even when so many fathers have made this mistake in their youthful days they still end up failing to tell their sons that one cannot hunt for money and women at the same time. It is either one makes money and then start chasing women or the other way round.

2. A Man Gets More Respect Based On His Pocket – This point is not trying to encourage crime or ungodly acts in other to make wealth but to face reality. It is a known fact that both within the home front and the society at large, a man is respected the more according to how comfortable and financially free he becomes.

3. Women Can Make Or Ruin You – So many fathers even when they know the truth of the power of any woman, still shy away from enlightening their sons on the critical hidden powers a woman possesses. From the days of Adam, Samson, Solomon, Abacha and other notable men, we have seen how a man can either rise or fall through the power and influence of a woman. A man should therefore thread as softly as possible when dealing with a woman.

4. A Woman Can Smell A Successful Man From Miles Away – Women naturally have an hidden instinct of knowing a man who is successful or have the tendency of being successful in the future. So many women have stuck to a struggling and upcoming man against their parents wish of marrying an already made man. A woman will say things like “he has a bright future”, “he has potentials” or “he will be a great man in future”. Ladies who have uttered such words and stuck by their men have never gone wrong. Example is how Michelle Obama stuck with Barack through thick and thin.

5. A Woman Doesn’t Like A Weak Man -When fathers tell their sons never to give in to a woman’s pressure, they mostly advise their sons to be forceful on issues to prove he is the man of the house. When in reality, women prefer men who say less and do more, rather than the ones who keep talking but do less. The latter is the typical meaning of a weak man but fathers always advice to do such to prove he is the king of the house.

6. Women Appreciate Men With Fatherly Characters – Most men always miss out on this and as such never advise their sons to be a father figure to their wives. Women are best at doing this but every woman wants a man who sits her down to advice her, reason with her, give her constructive criticisms and above all, believe in her.

7. It Is Easier To Catch A Cheating Man Than Catch A Cheating Woman – Most men till date don’t know that it is far easier to get caught cheating as a man than catching a woman who cheats. A woman can make a man ‘father’ every single child she has but only her knows who the biological father is, while a man can hardly keep it as a secret from his wife when he has a love child outside the matrimonial home.

all long he sat there staring at me and when i was done he just asked me,

“dad does this make me man enough to propose, ?” to her in class so as i can marry her when we turn both 13  in  2920days to  come and on reducing end ?”

i just couldn’t say another word to this small brains that i had now made more enlightened for i am sure the grandpa was now happy looking down on us n overhearing  us have the talk that he couldn’t have with me at such tender age.

Honesty: the best thing that anyone can give you n aid your future that awaits.