Lifetime policy

What comes up when u think u got a lifetime policy? Don’t answer me yet coz u still got a long way ahead of you. Take a step back or get to your comfort zone to rethink the good and bad tides thatbyou weathered by the help of the most high being(mention what u worship)

As for me and my house I will worship the most high God, he redeemed my soul when I was forsaken. He guides the faithful out of the words with strength if only u trust him.

The lifetime policy is unpredictable and all u get is nothing but the best. if u get to be at the both words en u can a test that success if u keep doing something small by all means without abscourding duty to a little  saving ,its served on the silver plater to enjoy benefits of a good vibe.




You are never proud of who you are unless u take a look of  inner attitude, keep it in check  and thou u shall never go back to your self without an attitude.

I just don’t get why we are always fighting off our attitudes  for no gain, of late I have been via kiln whereby majority have defied different odds managing only with a few pellets of medicine to calm the nerves. I changed my vision in life after knowing its only my mind, body n soul that can kill my attitude.

Majority of time I will be calm so that you will never tell what my attitude check meter  relates,

cost of a smile?

many of you see it, give it oftently   than not but few will tell the cost of that smile to the person and friends  in our life. Disregard that look that you can see and looki a bit further if you care since deep in the eyes lies the key to hundreds of muscles that give back the dear smile.

Its not entirely that every smile is genuine  some are meant to scare off enemy as the confuse every one with bad intent on first glance. I am never surprised at how many strangers have broken silence in commuter trains, bus stops, and social gatherings just coz someone amidst decided to smile back . Smiles break barriers and bring us closer to one another. LIfe as we know it we get to attribute and hypothetically classify humans depending on our first interaction.

We stereotype everybody we meet and not withstanding  any knowledge just as a baby give you a daring smile that calls you pick them up. if you frown back at the kid you definately doomed to fall in love with them for henceforth you make funny faces to catch attention. I write this coz i never knew how much a smile hides within a person until i lost the most dear thing in my life, i.e power of smile.

for those that i have interacted with most claimed that i smile alot and others will say my life is a joke, “that i will never acertain” for i have been reviewing my past and true or false lets say the truth is hard to comeby or accept. I am still in the dark about it but maybe someday when i am wise enough having known you, things and smiles will fade away.

the true nature of every smile is based on a simple question that we all take for granted,”How are you?, How have you been?” this simple and yet so complex to give an answer to questions coming from a friend am bound to change the aspect to the common statement… am Ok . and end of conversation

Always dig deeper if you care more coz sooner or later when you learn that every smile given back raises up the desire in someones heart. I did wrong to you  and humbly i do ask you to forgive and let the water pass under the bridge for once in a lifetime things will workout and you that threw away friendship of years into the gutter will smile back to reconsider everything.

As a news agent once spent a day with a streetfamily so dear was the info they took back to the directors hoping its gonna change the situation that never changed but it gave meaning to their work as smiles passed on meant alot.Everyone can afford a smile but putting a smile back to someone is never for sale so if so take time and listen to the conscious just as a toddler does. often the sub human in the mind is bound to give a reflection to the inner smiles we get.

to cut the coat according to my size, no matter what challenge i may face in life be assured that i am gonnna smile back at you as if i own the world coz only then do i get the meaning to this life.