Dear Reader,

My name is Kennedy Muchiri, i work as an ICT Support Personell. To me a good health and a happy “care free” life is everything.

In this blog you’ll see me write about everything from holidays,Crazy ideas, Relationship down times, Silly thoughts, worst n best moments… yeah, you name it…

with blogs what you are never too sure of is who reads them. The people who read blogs seem so obscure that sometimes you feel like you are writing for that voice in your head or what some people might call, “The imaginary friend.” So in a broader and more warped scope, writing a blog is like talking to yourself. Something some people don’t see as odd. I included. but isn’t that what writing is all about, to write for oneself? A solitary expedition? A shrine from where we all seek redemption from our demons of insecurities- and childhoods marked by not being kissed enough.

writing a blog isn’t an entirely solitary experience and this becomes evident when someone comments on your post. And it’s a bit jarring isn’t it? Writing down intimate thoughts only to get a comment from a reader with a name Rawcamel32. Or Pinktitsbovine. That’s the moment it dawns that writing can never be entirely private. It’s a bit like unwinding alone at home on a Sunday, wearing nothing but your very old and worn boxers, napping on the coach in complete silence only to hear someone clear their throats in the bedroom. I’m not saying comments are bad; all I’m saying is that old boxers make Sundays worthwhile.

There is no such thing as a bad comment in blogging, as one of my good blogger friends said.  He argued that every blogger should aspire to upload such bad mediocre postings so as to get bad comments, because bad comments stimulate more comments. And so I thought this pointless and diarrheic commentary would make for a good preamble.

But the vanity of blogging is you always assume people are so idle that they would want to do nothing than to read your thoughts. That your life is so engaging and sparky that everybody would stop living theirs, temporarily, and read about yours. You assume that maybe, by some wild stroke of luck, they will stumble upon some brilliant pearl of wisdom in your blog that isn’t in the bible already. That their “aha” moment will be borne in your rumblings that masquerades as fine literature.

And that’s why perhaps blogging is so much fun!

I’m honored that you passed through here and made time to read through to the end of this banter.  Feel free to drop in once in a while. Post a comment if you are inspired even (In English please). I will try and make it as much fun as possible, as much engaging as I can. Often I will fail, but the few times I nail it, I promise it will see you through the days I don’t. Now please bookmark this page, not because it will transform your life, but because it might mine.

If you have questions or want to leave a comment, please do.

Have a great day


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