9 reason y we all cheat

How do you write about cheating without sounding like you’re vouching for  it.How do u show that there’s a grey area that people don’t see.Being a thorough feminist,its only fair that i talk for women.Gone are the days where women stayed home and waited for their husbands to come home @ dawn smelling like other women..You know that song”when you’re doing your thing baby;don’t think im not”.The game has changed.

So then,why do  women cheat?
1.Not enough Sex
Remember those good old days when you stayed up all night fooling around.When you couldn’t get enough of each other?Then life got busy.work,evening classes..boys nights.Women like to feel wanted.If you’re not making her feel that,she WILL seek it elsewhere.

There’s nothing like sex with a pretty boy to boost low self esteem.She will feel sexier,more beautiful.If your woman has has low self esteem its not your fault,however there are ways to make her feel secure  in the relationship.pay attention to her,pay her genuine compliments.

3.Being the bad girl
Just as men feel the urge to sow their wild oats,some women have an inner sex kitten waiting to be released.This will normally be awakened after a big thing,a new job,dramatic weightloss..Just make sure its you she is talking to about her excitement or her new found body love and not that stranger at the bar..and then,well we all knw how that ends

4.Revenge/payback for past wrongs.
So you did something that hurt her thoroughly.Maybe you lied about not having a child then your baby mama showed up.whatever.A big betrayal.She will get back at you,your days are numbered son.

Women work hard and at times men dont recognize that.I remember when a certain ex was almost moved in with me.So id leave xul,hit the gym,fix dinner and still wear a little sexy thing for him when he got home.All in a days work,right.Buh guess what,that ‘thankyou babe’ or the ‘damn,the food is amazing’  went a long way.When he stopped appreciating,i stopped being nice.

While women prefer talking about their feelings,men withdraw.They go to their man caves to deal with their issues and shut their women out.Women feel ignored when the guy acts like that,or they think he has lost interest..so they’ll start looking around.

Sex can become monotonous if you let it.Same position,same place,same time,same person…Get it?
An affair gives an adventurous/dangerous feeling.Keep things spicy.Fantasies!!.Ask her about hers..Tell her about yours..live them out.Do you like white women,let her wear a blonde weave and act white:)Does she like men in uniform?well,your cousin Mark is an ‘Afande’ right?Borrow his uniform for a night..seriously.Fool around in the lift,sneak away from a party and make out ..kiss her unexpectedly.You get the drill.Don’t be boring.

While i hate to be controlled,i don’t want a man i can control.Women like challenges.Have you become a doormat?does your life revolve around her?Does she tell you what to do all the time.Are your lips swollen from constantly kissing her ass??Is it you i’m talking about?Well then u need to Man up,and find your place in the relationship,before she gets bored with you and leaves.

“If a man cheats on you,cheat on him and don’t tell him.The world looks more interesting that way” Need i say more?Sorry will not do it after a man cheats.Sometimes you need to do what you have to do to be even,to punish him.

For a woman,cheating is more emotional than it is physical.If there’s someone giving her making her laugh more than you do..then,its only a matter of time.
Kiss kiss pretty boys hope this helps:)