Tech Droughts helps in communication

LIFE IS the best COACH.

as i am into technology a relative  told me that technology has invaded her home  taking over  most communication. as she relaxed on the couch after work one evening, she unsuccessfully tried to engage her 13 year  old daughter  in a conversation : yet they were in the same room but she was busy sending out text messages on her phone. she kept receiving one line answers even  when she wanted elaboration . she sought to know how many texts she had sent that day.

she recounts the daughter responded without looking up saying, in a  it-is-non-of-your-business tone that she did not know. when she insisted , she said 50texts (in seven hours she had been) she was quick to add that some of her friends were not yet at home.

she took this to mean that was a” low texting season” and things were about to get busier. her ordeal reminded of a  recent episode on the Steve Harvey show where Steve was responding  to a plea from a mother who believed that technology infiltration n in his home had led to  communication breakdown among her family  members. He and her two daughters and a son  aged 13,11 and 8 respectively spent far too much time working on their electronic devices.

Her plea was how to make his family spend less time in the virtual world and begin  communicating more often with one another.

they immediately thought to go “cold turkey’ for 48 hours. that is all their gadgets would be confiscated and they would only have each other for company with the show’s cameras recording their every move. the confiscation went without  a hitch  but as the weekend rolled on, evidence of their addiction  to gizmos unfolded.

1. feeling isolated.

the first casualty was the 13 year old daughter followed by the 11 year . within the first 12 hours, the eldest had begun  kicking a fuss  and became hysterical. her sister  was no better .

when asked what was bothering her, she said she was feeling isolated and confined, she had no alternative way to spend her time and had no intention of adopting a different  lifestyle. the young mas was more addicted to his PlayStation  and other games and appeared bored when told to go and play with other children. even the parents began to feel the effect of tech drought. the mother  complained of feeling out of control and realized that she had relied on her phone more than she thought, she felt crippled without.

watching this family reveals how society has become dependent on mobile technology  for communication and entertainment.

another friend shared his  family, he  felt while on a road trip with his family. he had to call his children’s attention  to watch anything interesting during the journey and felt they might as well have stayed at home.

i think  the idea of a trial cold turkey period is the beginning to weaning ourselves of this addiction. communication in a family is the fabric that holds it together.

relationships are fed by communication between the parties. physiologists are increasingly finding more people, across all age groups who find it hard to live without their gadgets.

2. Stimulate the body

the 11 year old  girl in the family under observation was particularly incensed that, among the items she “lost” was the new iPhone she had received as present two weeks earlier.

addiction sometimes sterns from the excitement to experiment with new technology. parents should  let their children know of alternative sources of entertainment.  there is need for teenagers to appreciate and engage in other activities that can stimulate the body and brain. it is advisable to be offline occasionally so one can spend quality time with one self.

there is a certain ‘fix” people get when they feel others want to engage them with these gadgets. parents should let their children know that properly choreographed exposure and choice of company may in the long run create a uniqueness that would make them more appealing to friends.

for as much as the technology has positive influence on our life addiction to it leads to unsocial lifestyles and become unreliable people. the early you tame your kids with the gadgets at their disposal communication channel will not be affected. be on the look out  and once in a while let you and your family enjoy“COLD TURKEY”  serving .