thin line between BFF

What is the difference between a best friend and a boyfriend for a girl? What separates that thin line between a best friend and a boyfriend? I really need a girl’s perspective. What do they think is the difference?


Let me give you some background. I am putting up this question as a boyfriend who is not able to understand the relationship of his girlfriend with her best friend (male obviously).
PS: I completely trust her, but i didn’t wanna ask this question to her. is it so sad to face the facts and truth that lies beneath the line and when one crosses over to the other zone.
many that have been down the path that has now seems to be my downfall and am i being blind sided by love and giving up all that i have left and i am in this world. many have so far said:
:One is completely f-zoned,The other frequently boned.
Even though the first she’ll never kiss but on the second When he’s far she’ll        definitely miss. The second will share her lust,The first, at most her trust.
If you’re the first, just enjoy the schmooze,If you’re the second jealousy catches up with you if you trully love them for no male can/ will share the love of their life.
:Attraction and sexual chemistry. most of the girls will say My best friends are like my bros! No crossing lines there. No attraction. but the Best way to judge where you stand in a relationship (in your early twenties) – if you’re best friends, there won’t be any ego hassles. Transcend it to a relationship – you will go on days without talking to one another just to prove a point or mostly to assert that you’re right!
So. She will be more comfortable with you in terms of intimacy. But post-an argument, she’ll be comfortable letting go of it more with her best friend.

the un said details the love life cycle  the unspoken rules stands……Boy-o-boy,no girl will ever tell you these hard facts.

The most simple difference.
♡Best friend=(Boy friend)-(sex)

Call/chat times.
♥Boy friend = 9 pm to 9 am
♡Best friend = 9 am to 9 pm
9 pm to 9 am only when they are in a break up or fight. Here you get mindless crying and abusing of her boyfriend,but your only duty is to cobsole her.

Expiry date.
♥Boy friend = Will change according to who dumps who.
♡Best friend = A permanent position until you opt to get out of friendzone or she gets married.

♥Every thing that a boyfriend say is taken as the sonnets of love when they are not in a fight and everything that he says will be taken as insults when they are in a fight.
♡Even when the Best friend expresses clearly the way he loves her,she would always find it as the epitome of friendship.

♥Best friend gets the opportunity to select the gifts for her boyfriend and also see she screaming with ecstasy when she opens the gifts given to her.
♡As a best friend if you ever get a valuable gift than the raksha-bandhan,consider yourself lucky.

In short,from an Indian context.
Girls will get married at the age of 22-26.
Boyfriends would be usually good looking or rich guys.
Best friends would be perfect boyfriends,but either wont be having the looks or wont be that rich.
In the end 99 percent of girls will marry a total stranger,by that time boyfriend will be beneficial because he had at least a physical relationship (which in India is a big deal).
Best friend would be the loser,without any sex and also no future contacts with the girl. Even if she contacts she would be doing so only to complain.
So in the end best friend ends up as a loser.

You either remain a normal friend or live long enough to be her best friend.

Boyfriend > Love + Full Access + Strings Attached
Best Friend > Like + No Access/Minimal Access +More Strings Attached
Friends with Benefit > No Love + Full/Partial Access +Other Benefits
this entire makes and sounds silly and majority of us have and know what is Every girl has these two kinds of male friends in her life… one is her boyfriend whom she love’s and the other one is her best friend who love’s her.
the best friend is meant to listen to the stories of her and her boy friend (like what they did all day , what her boyfriend gave her or said to her.. ), she before giving any gift to her boyfriend consults her best friend , he becomes her problem solver , counselor, rescuer.He is the one who most of the times sought out the fight’s between her and  her boyfriend. He is the one who completes her home work and helps her in her studies.
He is the one who always want to see her happy may be more than her boy friend … because loving someone and seeing her in someone’s other arm’s everyday and still being normal and helping her is not the thing everyone do.The other difference could be a girl always tries to impress her boyfriend by dressing up nicely , putting up make up or doing other stuffs whereas she does not do any of these to impress her best friend…her best friend knows everything about her boyfriend (as she tells him everything and some best friends are so close that girl might even tell him when did she make out with her boyfriend) . but the boy friend has least knowledge about her best friend .
Lastly the boyfriend has license or right to get in physical relation with her whereas the best friend does not have this privilege.

Jealosy in my eyes cant console the tears in my heart but as day goes by u r bound to make  peace with all you cant achieve but caring, appreciation, paying attention to your lover is all you need to have in the sytem and never let anger frustrate the judgements after the fight as if you both make it via the bond is stronger and meaningful more than you  previously were.
let it a reminder to the past and the future.